The Secure Cryptographic Implementation Association

We develop open-source implementations of cryptographic algorithms

  • specialized for embedded systems (hardware and software),
  • with strong physical security guarantees (e.g., against side-channel and fault attacks),
  • featuring state-of-the art security and performance,
  • maintained in the long-term.

Ph.D. internships or Post-Docs

Open positions

The UCLouvain Crypto Group is opening two short-term positions (3 to 6 months) to start new SIMPLE-Crypto projects: developing a masked hardware implementation of the Ascon AEAD and developing a software masking of Dilithium for micro-controllers (with possibly other countermeasures). The goal of the project is to research and develop high-quality and well-documented open-source implementations, along with preliminary side-channel security evaluations. The work will take place in the dynamic research environment of the Crypto Group at UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) and the SIMPLE-Crypto team, in collaboration with other Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers and professors. The candidates should have experience in physical side-channel security and have strong implementation skills (hardware or micro-controller programming, depending on the chosen project). Remote work is possible.

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SIMPLE-Crypto's Masked AES in hardware. A hardware implementation of the AES with a strong side-channel security countermeasure.
Public evaluation ongoing.

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Our Side-Channel Analysis Library. High-performance and easy-to-use implementation of state-of-the-art tools for side-channel security evaluations.

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SIMPLE-Crypto's training on side-channel analysis and leakage-resistance.
Next training: June 10-12, 2024.

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